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Art Taipei: 30th anniversary [10 Oct 2023]

For the 30th anniversary of the oldest international art fair in the Asia-Pacific region, the director of ART TAIPEI answers questions from Artmarket that shed light on the ambitions and aspirations of the Taiwanese event. Thanks to a history of hard work and motivation, ART TAIPEI has become an important hub for art collectors in […]

Modigliani’s last masterpiece sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong [06 Oct 2023]

  This 5 October, Amadeo Modigliani’s exceptional portrait of Paulette Jourdain was the star lot of a Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong. Sold for $34.8 million, it did not return the amount obtained in 2015, but lost 8 million. In the spring of 2015 American shopping center magnate Alfred Taubman, a wealthy art collector and former […]

The Marcel Duchamp Prize adds momentum to the French Contemporary art scene [03 Oct 2023]

The Marcel Duchamp Prize is a distinction created 23 years ago at the initiative of French art collectors and the ADIAF (Association for the International Diffusion of French Art). It was created by collector Gilles Fuchs (amongst others) in response to a very clear shrinkage of the influence of French artists at the international level […]

Mark Rothko at the Louis Vuitton Foundation [29 Sep 2023]

  After Basquiat & Warhol, the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris (the FLV) is hosting an exceptional exhibition of work by yet another American giant. It’s the first major retrospective in France of Mark ROTHKO’s prolific oeuvre since that presented at the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris in 1999. Opening on 18 […]

Nicolas de Staël: Human… too human [26 Sep 2023]

“What I’m attempting is a continuous renewal, truly continuous, and it’s not easy. I know what my painting really is behind its appearance, its violence, its perpetual trials of strength, it’s a fragile thing in the sense of the good, the sublime. It’s as fragile as love.” Nicolas de Staël, 1954 Every twenty years or […]

Sotheby’s to host the ‘sale of the year’: the Landau Collection [22 Sep 2023]

Two years ago, in November 2021, Sotheby’s recorded its best-ever auction total of $676 million at an evening sale of masterpieces from the Macklowe Collection, which attracted a strong participation of Asian collectors wishing to acquire leading American works. The following year, in 2022, Christie’s excelled with extraordinary results from its sale of works from […]

Outsider art: an alternative art market [19 Sep 2023]

Long rejected for its naivety, Outsider Art (or “art brut” as the french call it) is admired by more and more collectors for its sincerity. “Art brut” – known as “Outsider Art” in English – has a rich history dating back to the first half of the 20th century when a few avant-garde artists became […]

Hockney, 10th best-selling artist in the world in 2023 [15 Sep 2023]

Demand for David Hockney’s work is growing rapidly and his price index has risen by 562% since the start of the millennium. On 21 September Phillips in London will be hosting another auction entirely dedicated to the work of British artist David HOCKNEY following a first sale that generated more than GBP 6.6 million (±$8.2 […]

Botero in 100 top-selling artists… [12 Sep 2023]

Botero in 100 top-selling artists… You would be hard-pressed to find a LatAm Art sale that does not include a work by Colombian artist Fernando BOTERO, and on 9 March last, Christie’s presented no less than 10 Botero works out of a total of 48 lots. Botero’s immediately identifiable works have become both iconic and […]

Treasures in the Christie’s pipeline: the Samuel Josefowitz collection could take $80 million [08 Sep 2023]

The dispersion of Samuel Josefowitz’s collection is the highlight of Christie’s fall sales. Christie’s will be hosting several sales this fall to disperse the collection of Samuel Josefowitz, an immense art enthusiast who died in 2015. The sales include rare works that have never been auctioned, a number of Nabis works and others from the […]

Hokusai: The Great Wave… and beyond [05 Sep 2023]

“When I’m a hundred years old, I’ll draw a line and that will be life.” (Katsushika Hokusai) HOKUSAI died at the age of 89, unable to achieve his goal of tracing life itself by drawing a line. The “Crazy Old Drawer” – as he often described himself – left behind a prolific œuvre of 30,000 […]

Michaela Yearwood-Dan: a new star is born… [01 Sep 2023]

A stranger to the auction market two years ago, Michaela Yearwood-Dan has joined the 500 most successful artists in the global auction market this year. We take a quick look at her ascent. Since the beginning of 2023, works by Michaela YEARWOOD-DAN (1994) have already generated two million dollars at auctions. Two million for seven […]

Frieze Seoul is back [29 Aug 2023]

Frieze Seoul is back After the traditional summer break, art market activity is resuming first in Asia with the imminent opening of the Frieze and the Kiaf in Seoul. We take this opportunity to draw up a mini-inventory of Korea’s local art auction market, which has enjoyed a number of peaks… and troughs. Kiaf Seoul, […]

Black portraits are still selling well [22 Aug 2023]

Enthusiasm for black portraits is still one of the clear trends in the art market and the auction houses are liberally dosing their catalogs with this highly fashionable figurative genre. Artprice by Artmarket takes a look at the artists who are currently experiencing the highest demand in this field. It is now about ten years […]

Cecily Brown – the year’s top-selling contemporary artist [15 Aug 2023]

Auction sales of works by British artist Cecily Brown have been particularly dynamic this year, substantially boosted by the MET’s exhibition of her work in New York. With eight paintings already sold for 7-digit prices since January, 2023 promises to be a memorable year for this major artist. Born in London in 1969 in London, […]

Contemporary African art: discovering the work of Emmanuel Taku and Rufai Zakari [08 Aug 2023]

Emmanuel Taku… first beneficiary of the Noldor residency Emmanuel TAKU paints black bodies with “potent reverence” by using the vocabulary of fashion magazines and classical Western statuary to paint black characters in confident and striking poses. Endowed with a supernatural quality, the men and women appear like the demi-gods of a metaphorical temple which – […]

Focus on Sam Francis and his ‘abstract fusions’ [01 Aug 2023]

In November 2022, a predominantly blue canvas by Sam Francis doubled its high estimate at Christie’s to set a new auction record for the artist at $13.5 million. The work (Composition in Blue and Black, 1955) has all the hallmarks of Francis’s artistic preoccupations with the shimmering color and light inspired by reflections observed on […]

Léonor Fini returning to the limelight [25 Jul 2023]

At a time when collectors favor figurative art with a Surrealist tendency and when women artists are the focus of all attention, the work of Leonor Fini is being rediscovered in all its originality and power. Self-taught, Leonor Fini paved her own way by working tirelessly. She also frequented some of the greatest thinkers and […]

Slowdown on the UK art market [18 Jul 2023]

Continuing our series reviewing the world’s major art marketplaces over the first half of this year and having already looked at the United States, France and Germany, Artprice by Artmarket turns its attention this week to the UK, the third largest art marketplace in the world. Like France and to a lesser extent America, the […]

A new fair to support the Tokyo market [11 Jul 2023]

Tokyo Gendai, a new art market rendez-vous! The first international art fair in Tokyo Bay for over 30 years! From 7 to 9 July 2023, the Pacifico Yokohama will host 74 leading galleries from Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States. Among the participants at this first edition, a number of prestigious international galleries including […]

Van Gogh: market success in recent years [07 Jul 2023]

Vincent VAN GOGH (1853-1890)’s work has been in the news in recent years on a number of fronts including auction sales with ultra-high estimates, museum exhibitions and even newspapers headlines (in October 2022 two young climate activists threw the contents of two cans of tinned food at his Sunflowers (1888) at London’s National Gallery). In […]

The auction market adopts textile works [04 Jul 2023]

Weaving, embroidery and knitting are gradually emerging from artistic prejudice. Over the years, with the recurring presence of textile works in museum exhibitions, biennials and international art fairs, collectors have come to terms with this practice once considered too “traditional”, too artisanal, or too linked to the domestic sphere (especially in Western culture) to be […]

Gustav Klimt, a Viennese artist who ignites passions [30 Jun 2023]

A Klimt painting was one of the six lots that sold above $100 million last year. A look back at the story of a birch forest that has become one of the most popular landscapes in the world and of an immense artist who continues to fascinate auctions, including this year! On 27 June in […]

The rise of the German art market [27 Jun 2023]

After reviewing the state of the art market in France and in the United States, Artprice by Artmarket takes a look at the condition of the German art market, the world’s fifth largest by national art auction turnover. In view of recent strong results, Germany’s high-end art market seems to be gathering momentum. The number […]

What’s coming in July? [23 Jun 2023]

Before the art market’s traditional summer recess, the major auction houses plan to end their seasons in style. Here is a selection of the most anticipated sales and works during the month of July, from Singapore to London. 2 July – Sotheby’s lays deeper roots in Singapore In August 2022, Sotheby’s made what it called […]

Focus on Barkley L. Hendricks [20 Jun 2023]

The extraordinary breakthrough of Barkley L. HENDRICKS on the auction market is emblematic of the importance finally granted to the ‘black portrait’ Few collectors were chasing works by Barkley L. Hendricks ten years ago. Today, the artist is a must in the biggest American collections and auction sales. The recent and strong revaluation of his […]

An exceptional print by Albrecht Dürer on sale in Paris [16 Jun 2023]

Extremely rare on the international art market, a superb third-state print of Albrecht Dürer’s Adam and Eve is about to hit the Parisian auction market. A first for decades for the French art market. Estimated between $130,000 and $160,000, the Bible’s ‘first couple’ engraved by DÜRER’s goldsmith hands will be offered on 23 June by […]

The American art market is holding up well [13 Jun 2023]

After our overview of the French art market (see our article French art market: end of the post-covid rebound effect) which notes a sharp contraction in auction turnover at the leading art auctioneers since the beginning of the year (-38% for Christie’s France and -68% for Artcurial), Artprice by Artmarket takes a quick look at […]

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith [09 Jun 2023]

An auction record hammered at $642,600 last November, five times the high estimate and four canvases sold at over $400,000 each since the start of 2023: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith – absent from Artprice’s market rankings just a few years ago – now finds herself among the 300 most successful artists in the world in 2023. […]

Art market in France: the end of the post-covid rebound effect? [06 Jun 2023]

Is the French art market losing ground? This is the question we can ask after a sharp decline in French art auction turnover in the first part of this year, compared with the results obtained in the same period last year. In the semester of 2022, the French art market was boosted by some exceptional […]

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